Sunday, June 27, 2010

Today we went to a bush church and after the service I was talking to a bunch of young girls. As I was talking, I started to fix my ponytail and saw all of them starring at my hair in awe! So, I took my hair down and let them play with it! They all wanted to feel it but were trying to be as gentle as
possible! It was so cute!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Playing "Baby Jesus"

We have the most adorable little neighbor kids, Aden and Wiley Riggins. The other day they came to the door and asked if Uncle Jordan and I would like to come play "Baby Jesus" with them. Apparently, they needed a Mary and Joseph and Jordan and I fit the description.

Between our houses there is a small dip in the ground where the grass is always a little longer. This is, of course, the manger. Lawn chairs are pulled off the Riggin's porch and are used as the sheep. There must be a shepherd, a Mary, a Joseph, and a baby Jesus...occasionally there is also a baby Noah (Aden and Wiley's baby brother) thrown into the mix. If, for some reason, there are not enough people, it's common for each person to be two or three of the characters at once.

The game is played like this...the person playing baby Jesus rolls around in the "manger." The shepherd sits near the "sheep" and Mary and Joseph sit near the "manger." Then we all switch roles! It's great fun!! We love our neighbors!!

Baby Jordan

We recently had Pastor Dan, his wife, and his little son over for lunch. If you have read past blogs you know that Dan works with Jordan in maintenance and his son is Jordan's name sake. I got to hold little Jordan after we ate and he DIDN'T cry!! In fact, he fell asleep in my arms. Little Jordan is now my new favorite PNG baby!! :)

Jordan's New Kicks

Jordan brought two pairs of fairly new tennis shoes with him to PNG. Both those pairs of shoes lasted him a grand total of about 9 months. The soles of both of them are now barely attached to the rest of the shoe. It recently became necessary that he finds another pair of tennis shoes. Shipping from America sounded a little too expensive so we decided to look here in PNG...more specifically, Hagen (the town we do all of our monthly shopping). This month when we went grocery shopping we also kept our eyes open for shoes. We found some good ones...the problem: Jordan wears a size 11 and the biggest size we could find of ANY shoe was a 9 (people have small feet here). It wasn't until we got to the last store that we found a pair of shoes that fit!
The winner: a ghetto fabulous pair of knock-off Air Jordan's!!
The pictures just don't do them justice! I'm not sure how long these will actually last since they seem so cheap...but they will do the job for now. :)