Friday, March 6, 2015

Station Development

I thought I'd try to do my best to give you a glimpse into the various projects that Jordan is working on these days.  Please forgive my lack of technical knowledge.  

Water Project:
The plan is to redo the station's entire well water system.  This involves tearing down the old water tower, building a "water collection site" (made of a bunch of water tanks) at the highest point on station, and running all new pipes throughout station.  Jordan currently has all the tanks purchased and is expecting to have a new well dug soon.  

 Fencing Project:
The plan is to construct a new fence around the hospital and reroute non-hospital traffic around the outside of that fence.  Jordan currently has guys working on constructing the fence so it can all be put up at once. I once thought it would be neat to know how to weld, but I'm super glad I don't have this's super tedious.  Each piece of metal has to be cut to length, one end flattened and cut into a point, and each point made to look pretty (Jordan won't like that I said "pretty"...shhh, don't tell).  Then, each of those pieces need to be welded to a bigger piece of metal, the welds cleaned up and painted with a special paint, and then the whole thing needs a coat of paint.  Ugh!

 Staff Housing Project:
The long term plan is to construct 29 new housing units for hospital staff.  The first phase of the project is to build 6 duplexes on the old airstrip across from the hospital.  Jordan currently has each of the 6 housing sites at different stages of development, but so far the project is appearing to be running smoothly, on schedule, and on budget (amazing!!).
These three guys are busy constructing all the trusses (is that right?  the roof support thinger-ma-bobs?).

There are three duplexes on each side of the road.  These are the three most complete houses, but you can see they are each at different stages.  

This is the inside of the house...not much to look at yet.  Also, Jordan didn't know I was taking a picture.  :)

Standin around talkin... ;)

Site #6:

Site #5:

Site #4:

Site #3:
Site #2:

Site #1:

 The Dentist House Project:
 We have a dentist interested in coming and we had no housing for her...solution: build a house!  It's a cute little two bedroom cottage located directly behind Stone Cottage and the Myer's house.  I think she'll like it!  Jordan is currently waiting on his custom ordered quila wood floors (ooo...fancy!) to arrive before the rest of the inside can be finished and furnished.