Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Babies in the Nursery

A few days ago I took Miles to the hospital to get weighed.  I left the building concerned because Miles is a little small for his age.  Many things were going through my I doing something wrong?  is he just a small baby?  why is he a small baby?
For some reason, I wandered into the maternity ward/nursery.

I love the picture above because it is usually the woman's job to care for all things baby related, but this father was patiently feeding his little baby with a dropper.  You could tell, when I asked if I could take a picture, he was very proud of his little baby.  

The baby below was one of the bigger babies in the nursery 

 This little guy below weighed about 2 lbs when he was born.
 He's beautiful.

 This is him (right) and his twin (left).

Our little trip the nursery helped put things into perspective for me.  While we are still closely monitoring Miles's weight, we are thanking the Lord that he is a healthy, growing little boy.  And we pray daily for those babies in the nursery and their parents.  

Monday, May 20, 2013

Three House Update

As many of you may know, Jordan's latest project has been building three similar 3 bedroom houses for long-term volunteer doctors.  Other than being a little behind schedule, they are coming together very nicely!
Here's a look at what they look like these days:

Jordan has gotten some assistance from a team of college students from Olivet who are here for a couple weeks.  They have been a huge help with outside trim and painting! (Don't be fooled by the picture below...they don't always just stand around)  :) 

Even though most of the students are pre-med or pre-PA majors (which means they are more interested in the medical part of Kudjip life), they don't complain about the hot, dirty construction work.