Monday, July 25, 2011

Back in the States

It's been about 2 months since we arrived back in America. We've had some great times with family and friends so far. AND, since internet here in the States, is SO fantastic, we decided to post a few blogs that we meant to post a while ago from our time in PNG. Enjoy!

Apa's Wedding

April 19, 2011

Apa and Hannah

Jordan and I were able to witness our first PNG wedding. Small, simple and beautiful!

Haus Win

On the first Sunday of every other month, missionaries from all over the area come together to have a pot luck in the hauswin (literally "house of wind") in the Myers' backyard.
One of Jordan's last big projects was an addition to this building. Between Jordan, John Gari, and Jeff Myers, they did an AMAZING job seamlessly adding more bench space and shade to the building (pictured below...notice the extra roof on the left). AND he built a grill (picture to the right).

John Gari, below, hard at work!

Game Night

Our lady's bible study had a game night:

This is me playing Telephone Charades...above is how a missionary crosses a log bridge...below is how a Papua New Guinean crosses a log bridge, for serious! haha :)

This is Dr. Steph acting out how to plant kaukau...she did a great job!

We also played Claymania, a game where you sculpt things out a clay while people guess what you are sculpting.

And we played Jenga...classic!


Did you know...

...cocoa grows in these pod-like things? The cocoa bean are covered in this white mucus-ish stuff that tastes really sweet!