Friday, April 22, 2011


It's official...we're the WORST bloggers in the history of the blog! Hopefully these posts will catch you up a little on what we've been up to lately. Should be a few more to come...but we're not going to promise anything! :)

Gumang Church

Jordan recently preached at the Gumang Assembly of God Church. We took a bunch of maintenance guys with us. We practiced singing a song on the way there...they did great! It was fun to step out of our comfort zones a bit and experience a different style of worship! It was a great experience. Jordan had a wonderful message on Christ's redemption and the privilege we are given to share that message with others. Then, after the service, they blessed us with a TON of food!!

Egg Launch

The Egg Launch
Scenario: you will be given an egg that will be launched from a trebuchet.
Your Mission: to construct a device that will protect your egg.

Completed Mission: Lydia, Jessica, Jordan
Failed Mission: Josiah, Ethan, Allison, Rachel

Maintenance Cook-Out

We had the maintenance crew over for a cook-out one afternoon. It was a great time!

The many sides of Jordan

As many of you know, I married a very multi-talented man. While you may be aware that Jordan is an excellent carpenter, a talented musician, a history-buff, and works very well with may not be aware that he also has a green thumb (notice the sunflowers), is a very good cook, and is an amazing snorkeler. AND I have pictures to prove it...Isn't he the best!! :)
(, Jordan does not know about this blog. We'll see how long it stays up!)

Boat Race

Jordan has taken over art this year...although, I'm not sure we can still call it "art." Anyways, one of his projects this year was to have the kids make boats. The boats were judged on appearance, raced down the river, and then put through rapids. It was very fun to watch!