Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jordan's Latest Project

PNG has a "rural registrar program" that involves Papua New Guinean doctors traveling around to different hospitals, learning as much as they can from each one (I'm not sure of the details).  But I know that several of those doctors come to Kudjip for some of their training.  A few of those doctors have families and require a house larger than what we could provide...cue Jordan!  This is the "Rural Registrar House, also known as the "Mountain House."  To be used by visiting PNG doctors and their families.  So far, Jordan, a crew of about 4 guys, 2 Work and Witness teams, and several other part-time laborers have had their hand in building this house.
Husband brag time:
It's really quite impressive to see Jordan be able to take a few drawings of a house floor plan and turn it into an actual, real, standing house!  What a super talented man I married!!

The house isn't finished yet, so expect more pics to come!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Voting in Kudjip

July 4th, 2012 marked election day for the province of Jiwaka.  
I was fortunate enough to have a front row seat, since they set up a voting area right outside of maintenance. Everything seemed to go very smoothly with very little fighting, bribery, or corruption (which I'm told is not always the case at other voting areas).  
This was the bus of voting officials and armed forces who came to monitor the voting in the area.  Only a few had to stay in Kudjip, the rest were sent out to neighboring villages.

This is how you vote:
1.) Stand in "line" a LONG time.
2.) Enter the secured voting area and receive a ballot.
3.) Stand in line some more.
4.) Go up to the "voting booth" (the desk surrounded with cardboard) and mark your ballot.
5.) Turn in your ballot.  DONE!

There are separate lines for men and women...I'm not sure why.

This is the list of candidates along with their pictures.  These were posted around the outside of the voting area as well as inside the voting "booth."

The "line."  If you don't require any personal space, then PNG is the place for you!!

To make sure that people only vote once, you have to get your fingernail marked with some sort of permanent, extremely difficult to remove nail polish like substance.  

Voila!  It's like the "I VOTED" stickers you get in America...just a little longer lasting! :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y...that is Rachel's battle cry!!!

I know...I had vowed to never attempt tortillas again, BUT I did!  AND I  came out VICTORIOUS!!!!  Take that, Tortilla!!  They turned out beautifully round and well cooked!!  Jordan walked in the kitchen and the first thing he said was "WOW, did YOU make those??"  
It turns out the trick is to use hot hot water and never let them stick to the counter.  Now I want to have tacos for every meal!!  (well, not really.)