Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Out of the mouths of children...

I had the privilege, this last semester, of teaching the elementary missionary kids.  Attending the school, we had Lexi (a kindergartner), Jorina (a kindergartner from our neighboring Swiss mission station), Olivia (1st grade), Emma (2nd grade), Jerome (3rd grade, also from the EBC Swiss mission), Emma (5th grade), and Lydia (7th grade).  While secondary education is absolutely more in my comfort zone, I realized there are several perks to teaching the little kiddos.  One of my favorite parts of teaching these little guys is that they pretty much say exactly what they are thinking...which can occasionally make for some funny quotes!  I wrote down a few and thought I'd share.

Emma: In my story I'm not married but I have kids.
Jerome: How can you have kids?
Emma: I adopt them.
Jerome: Why aren't you married?
Emma:  Because it's GROSS!!

Lexi: Emma, you said you were going to be nice to me today!
Emma: Lexi, I didn't mean literally!!

Jerome: That's okay.  They (the kindergartners) are just babies, they need the day off.
Emma: But when we were babies we NEVER got a day off!!

Lexi's Prayer:
"Please bless Hurley.  Help him not to get get sick.  And Aunt Rachel better not be feeding him tuna! Amen."

(Reminder: Jerome is from Switzerland and English is his 3rd language)
Emma: Please stop that Jerome!  You are driving me nuts!
Jerome: What does that mean,"You are dried peanuts?"

Jorina's Prayer (almost everyday...I never had the heart to correct her):
"Please help the people in the hospital and the doctors to go well"

Emma: Haven't you ever heard of, "Do unto others as unto them?"

Lexi's Prayer:
"And please bless the bat that died and bless the bats that are still alive and bless the butterflies and help them not to die or get their wings broke. Amen.

Emma: But I can't use my best handwriting all the time because then it won't be special anymore!

Jerome (after learning about personification): So then, what is animalfication?

Me: Emma, you don't like pickles!?!?
Emma: It's because I'm a sensitive young lady.

Lexi's Prayer: 
"Lord, help the rats in the Dooley's attic to get stuck and die."