Friday, November 26, 2010

The internet likes me again! :) More pics from mom and dad's trip.

Mom and Dad

As many of you know, my parents were able to fly all the way to Papua New Guinea to see us. They were here for about 10 days that just flew by! We had a great time. The highlights of their time here were probably watching/making/eating a mumu (food cooked in a hole in the ground), hiking up a mountain to go to a bush church, touring Hagen, and going golfing! They were the end of the 10 days, mom could dispose of cockroaches like you wouldn't believe and dad was pretty close to fluent in Melanesian Pidgin. I feel so blessed to have parent who are willing to fly thousands of miles to come visit us AND who were so eager to embrace the culture and the people here! :)
(Pictures aren't posting...hopefully more to come when the internet decides not to hate me!)

Spaghetti Bridges

This blog is really really late BUT it’s about one of my favorite things I’ve done with the kids since I’ve been here so I thought I’d share anyway. At the end of last school year we had a “Math and Science Celebration.” The high schoolers (plus, Allie and Lydia) had to construct bridges out of a package of spaghetti noodles and a bottle of glue. At the party we had a contest to see whose bridge could hold the most weight. In the end, Quinton and Cilla were victorious with their “Chinese foot-bridge.”

Harvest Party

Every year around Halloween, the missionaries have a Harvest Party. We have all sorts of fall treats and hobo-dinners on the fire. It’s great fun! Especially when people dress up!! In the pics we have Becky Wallace dressed up as a clown…Jordan came as a security guard (notice their unfortunate acronym!)…I came in some 80’s gear…my favorite was Judy, who came as a bride late to her own wedding…and Bill came as himself! J