Friday, October 28, 2011

Rachel vs The Tortillas

I am 100% committed to conquering the tortilla while I’m here in PNG. Last time we were in PNG I attempted making tortillas once and failed miserably!! BUT this time I’m determined to be triumphant. I’ve already had round one with the floury little boogers!! (huh…didn’t know floury was actually a word??)

It started out well…I got a recipe from a family who have been making tortillas here in PNG for 25 years! Then, it went downhill from there. My dough was SO sticky…which I found out later is not how it’s supposed to be. I was able, eventually, to roll a few into submission. However, I found that I have low rolling stamina and soon my tortillas were more like pitas in thickness. I then heated a pan to medium to low heat…which I found out later was supposed to be much hotter. I threw my leathery discs onto the pan and watched them bubble. Yep…that’s right…my tortillas bubbled. I could have made balloon animals with these puppies!! Once they turned light brown I removed my puffy, crunchy little creations. While they tasted kinda like a tortilla they were way too brittle to actually wrap around any type of taco substance. Since then, I’ve sought council on my tortilla method and let me assure you…there WILL be a round two!!

Monday, October 24, 2011


Things came together in a flurry for us to return to Papua New Guinea. We arrived in the country on Oct 12th and were picked up at the airport by our dear friend Apa, Judy Bennett, all the high school MK's and Stephen Hollenberg.

When we got back to the station we were welcomed by all of our wonderful Kudjip family!!

We are taking a bit of a "leap of faith" here, in that we left without all of our support raised. Crazy! I know! But we are confident that this is where God called us and that He will provide through the continued giving of friends in the States!!

If you are interested..check out our website:

Saturday, October 22, 2011

We LOVE the Body of Christ!

As many people who are reading this already know…Jordan and I were back in the States for the past four months and for the last couple of those we were able to travel around and share at several churches. What an amazing experience that was!! We met some of the most wonderful people who love the Lord and are super excited about missions! Jordan and I both knew that God placed many of these people in our path to be the encouragement and affirmation that we needed!!
So many times, I’m blown away by God faithfulness and in the last few months God showed us how He uses His children to deeply influence each other’s lives!
So, if you are reading this and you are one of those people God put in our path these past few months…thank you! You are precious to us!