Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pregnancy Update

Due Date: January 6th, 2013
Current Status: 37 weeks along
                        No sign of labor beginning any time soon
How do I feel:  HUGE!  
                        Sort of tired
Baby Development:  Everything is looking good for our little growing boy
Latest name option:  Sparticus Ceasar Herman Jack James Jordan Carl Thompson Jr.  (hehe)  :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hurley gets Moby Wrapped!

Our dog, Hurley, is your average run-of-the-mill PNG bush dog.  He is nothing fact, there are lots of other skinny, scrappy, stray dogs running around that look just like him.
We got him from a Papua New Guinea family about a year ago because he was their third dog, and our station policy says that you can only have two.  Therefore, he needed a new home.
Unlike many other dogs in PNG, he is fed 2 meals a day, gets taken on walks, is let inside when it rains, and sleeps in at the foot of our bed at night.  We do, however, tell him that there is a small price he must pay in order to live in such luxury.  This small price includes things like:
** Having to wear a costume to our station Harvest Party
** Being diapered (I needed the practice.  Unfortunately, Hurley's tail made diapering slightly more complicated.)
** AND, most recently, being Moby Wrapped!!
In a fabulous box from my Aunt Linda, Aunt Cindy, and Grandma, we received an ever-so-popular Moby Wrap.  For those of you outside of the baby loop (like I was just a few months ago), a Moby Wrap is basically a long piece of material that you wrap around yourself several times forming a pouch you can put your baby in...very similar to becoming kangaroo.  I carefully wrapped the material around Jordan according to the directions.  This was rather anti-climatic, since the fabric just hangs there without anything in it, so we decided to test the wrap by putting Hurley inside.  Turns out...the wrap worked BEAUTIFULLY!  and Hurley just curled up his front paws and sat there.  He was a great sport (although the look on his face made us wonder if he was weighing whether or not this present torture was worth the consistent food supply and sleeping conditions.).

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Carpenter Makes Christmas Cookies

Occasionally, Jordan gets a craving (even worse than my pregnant cravings!) for cookies.  The other night, after asking me if I would make him cookies (a request he soon reneged after one glance at my swollen feet), Jordan decided to make them himself.   Apparently, getting out the mixer and the transformer was too he opted for the more convenient cordless drill!  Turns out it was surprisingly effective!