Saturday, March 8, 2014


Ever since Jordan has been working in maintenance, he's talked about how great it would be to have a small all-terrain vehicle.  Thanks to a very generous donation his dream has finally come true (I know this sounds dramatic...but he really was SO excited!).

So far it's been used for:
- carrying materials (tarps, chainsaws, paint, concrete tools) to and from multiple work sites.
- pulling a dump truck out of the mud.
- towing a small car down station.
- making quick trips to turn on the power/checking generators at night (usually in the rain, which makes the covered top really nice!)
- towing a cement mixer
- lighting up a concrete work site at night with the headlights.
- taking us to church on a road that would have been impossible to travel on in a normal vehicle.

Jordan is very thankful for this new tool that makes his job a little easier!