Sunday, March 31, 2013

Miles Wakes Up

Occasionally I need to wake Miles up from a nap to feed him and so he'll sleep better that night.  One day I decided to document it.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Great Wind Storm Aftermath

Right after the giant wind storm, the entire station got to work.  Several of the trees had fallen on power lines, which falls under Jordan's responsibility as maintenance supervisor, so restoring power was a top priority.  Also, clearing the tree that fell on the house was also on the top of the list.  Thanks to God's oh-so perfect timing, we just so happened to have a volunteer here who used to trim trees for a living.  His name is Don and he is pretty much a superhero.  I'll have to remember to write another blog about him sometime.  Anyways, Don, Jordan, and several other guys got to work right away.  The next day, all the high school students pitched in.  Before we knew it Jordan had power up and running and a house that no longer had a tree sitting on top of it.  

The above picture is one of my favorites and was even more impressive in's the bottom of a tree, the part of a tree that you are never suppose to see...ever.  :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Great Wind Storm of 2013

It was a fairly normal Tuesday afternoon.  I was at home, on the sofa, feeding Miles and Jordan was at maintenance as usual.  It was about 3:00 pm when it began to rain...typical rainy season weather.  Then things began to get bizarre!!  We live in a valley and rarely get anything more than a light breeze, but the wind started to really pick up.  Our sofa faces our large front window, so I had a front row view of trees bending and swaying, while small loose branches fell out of our front tree.  Suddenly a HUGE branch, probably 8 feet long and the thickness of my arm fell out of the tree and stuck straight into the ground.  And there it stood, like someone had just planted it there.  The wind died down and the rain stopped a few minutes later.  I, of course, began to rehearse in my head how I was going to tell everyone this GREAT story about the GIANT branch falling right in front of my eyes!!   Feeling that the story may not be phone-call worthy, I decided to wander around outside to see if I could "bump into" anyone who might be willing to hear my sweet story.  To my surprise, I found this:

That would be the under-side of our neighbor's it is from another angle:

Now my "fantastic" branch story seemed...well...much less fantastic.  As I continued down the road this is what I saw:

Turned out that over 25 trees had blown over during that wind storm.  We are praising the Lord for his hand of protection.  Miraculously, only one house was directly hit, all the other trees fell away from their surrounding buildings.  The missionaries inside the house that was hit were protected by a ceiling beam that had just been installed a couple months earlier.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!