Saturday, October 31, 2015

Traveling Back to PNG

Our travels according to Miles:

First, we got on a "wittle wittle" plane.  
I met the pilot who was a very nice man...even though I was convinced the 
entire flight that he said "Arrgh!"  
(Pilot vs Pirate - very confusing!!)

Then we waited in an airport in Dallas for a very long time. 

I did a lot of this.  Please don't judge my parents. 

Then we got on a big big plane.  
We ate some food and went to sleep. 
 I was quite comfy curled up in my own seat between Mommy and Daddy.  
Graham got to sleep in his own neat little bed that folded down from the wall.

After I woke up I watched some movies on the airplane.  
My parents said sometimes "ya gotta do what ya gotta do 
when travelling with a toddler." 
 I'm not sure what that means...but I like it!

 We FINALLLLLY made it to Australia 
where we missed our original flight.  
But don't worry...God took really good care of us and we were able to get on an even better flight!  
Even though this picture makes me look a little cranky, 
I really was a very good boy for my Mommy and Daddy.  

On the last flight Mommy and Daddy thought about just letting me and Graham 
share a seat while they both took a nap. 
 I'm glad they didn't do that...Graham gets heavy after a while.  

After four airplanes rides, we made it to Papua New Guinea.  
There were a lot of people at our house and I was tired, 
so I cried a little...
but now I'm all better and I'm having fun getting to know everybody again!

Thank you for your prayers for our travels.  God answered them.