Friday, November 6, 2015

Our Normal: Water

After living in Papua New Guinea for 6 years certain things have become our 'normal'.  However, after each home assignment I realize how different somethings are compared to life in America.  For example...our source of water.  See those two big metal tanks?  Our entire gutter system flows into those two rain tanks.  Rain water is what flows out of every faucet in our house, it fills our toilet, flows into my washing machine, and comes out our shower head.  If we want drinking water we filter it first through a filter that sits on our counter in the kitchen.  On the very top of our roof is a solar panel that heats our water.

Usually in PNG it rains almost everyday and keeps our tanks quite full.  However, there are times when rain is more sparse and we need to go into water conservation mode.  That means we collect the water before it gets hot to put in our water filter before filling the sink to wash the dishes.  We shower less (and wear more deodorant...yikes!), Miles gets a very shallow bath, and we use that water to flush our toilets.

It's not always the most convenient...but we are ALWAYS thankful we don't have to bucket water up from the river!!  We've also been thankful for some heavy rains in the last few days that have filled our tanks!

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