Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How could I...

It had been a long Saturday. 

Graham woke up earlier than normal, then didn’t have any interest in going back to sleep. 

After giving Miles the breakfast options of yogurt and granola OR eggs, he insisted he would looooooove some eggs.  After making eggs and setting them in front of him, he decided that he would much much much rather have yogurt and granola!   

Jordan had to work most of the day putting up powerlines so that people in the lower section of station could have power that evening.  (I do a lot of extra praying on days I know he’s working on powerlines.) 

Miles spilled his apple juice.

Graham thoroughly covered my clothes in spit up.   

I picked up the same blanket off the floor at least 4 times.

As soon as I got my hands covered in bread dough, Graham decided to wake up screaming and crying.

Thanks to my awesome clumsiness, I spilled raw chicken juice on my kitchen floor…then cleaned it up…then spilled it again…then cleaned it up…again.

By late evening, I was holding my sleeping baby and telling myself if I could just stay awake 30 more minutes it would be time to feed Graham again and then I could put us both to bed!  At this point, I was, to say the least, a bit cranky.  If it wasn’t for this baby I would be in my warm comfy bed already.  Better yet…if it wasn’t for this baby I wouldn’t have woken up so early and therefore not been so tired in the first place!  If it wasn’t for this baby I would have gotten a shower today.  If it wasn’t for this baby I would have gotten something…anything done today.  If it wasn’t for this baby…..

I opened our blog to work on a few posts I had saved.  The old post about my emergency surgery caught my eye.  I realized some people had commented on the post…I didn’t even know they could do that!  After reading the comments I decided to re-read the post itself.

I cried.

How quickly we forget.  How quickly I had forgotten.  What a miracle this baby was!  My beautiful little boy…an amazing miracle from God.  How quickly I had forgotten.  How could I not spend every minute of every day rejoicing in what God has given us?  How could I look upon this child with anything other than joy and amazement?  How could I forget how close we were to losing our little Graham.  How could I…

I know there are going to be more days like this one. 

I pray:
May I find joy on those days.  May I find Jesus on those days.  May I be able to go to bed with a heart bursting with thankfulness for the blessings and miracles our God has given!  May I never forget the gift of salvation God has given in His son Jesus.  May I be a mother who points my children to Christ. 


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